Meinl Cymbals - Jost Nickel -

Meinl Cymbals - Jost Nickel - "Montserrat"

The cymbals Jost Nickel is using for this song are: 

14" Byzance Medium Hihats 

08"/10" GenerationX Electro Stack 

18" Pure Alloy Custom Medium Thin Crash 

08" Byzance Splash 

22" Byzance Spectrum Ride 

10"/12" GenerationX Electro Stack 

18" Byzance Extra Thin Hammered Crash 

06" Byzance Splash 

20" Byzance Dual Trash Crash 

Check out our @MEINL Cymbals - Official Product Videos with demos for each cymbal. 

"MONTSERRAT" (written by Jeff Lorber & Jimmy Haslip) 

From the album "Galaxy" by The Jeff Lorber Fusion. 

Drums recorded & mixed by Sven Peks

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