Meinl Cymbals - Nick Baglio -

Meinl Cymbals - Nick Baglio - "Look Left, Look Right"

“Look Left, Look Right” - by Nicolay 

See demos for all the cymbals in Nick’s setup: 

14” Byzance Dual Hihats Artist Concept Model Crasher Hats 

18” Byzance Extra Dry Trash Crash 

8” Byzance Dark Splash (stack top) 

10” Byzance Vintage Trash Splash (stack bottom) 

22” Byzance Symmetry Ride 

19” Byzance Dual Crash 

16” Classics Custom Brilliant Trash Stack 

20” Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash (stack bottom) 

10” Byzance Dual Splash (stack top)

 “Look Left, Look Right” 

As Performed by: Nicolay 

Written by: Nicolay 

All Synths and programming: Nicolay 

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