Meinl Cymbals - Chris Paprota -

Meinl Cymbals - Chris Paprota - "Lava Lamp"

See demos for the cymbals in Chris’s setup: 

15” Byzance Jazz Thin Hihats 

16” Byzance Vintage Crash 

22” Byzance Monophonic Ride 

18” Byzance Vintage Crash 

14” Byzance Jazz Thin Hihat Top (Stack Top) 

14” Byzance Sand Hihat Top (Stack Bottom) 

Meinl Drum Honey on floor tom 

Chris is also using Meinl Stick & Brush Heavy 5A Drumsticks (SB108). 

Stream/download "Lava Lamp": 

Spotify -​ 

Bandcamp -​

Download the backing track to "Lava Lamp" here 

Guitar solo by Thomas Griggs All other instruments played and recorded by Chris Paprota.

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