Meinl Cymbals - Wim de Vries -

Meinl Cymbals - Wim de Vries - "5 April" 

The cymbals Wim is using to play this song are: 

16" Byzance Jazz Extra Thin Crash 

14" Byzance Jazz Tradition Hihat - Top 

14" Byzance Vintage Pure Hihat Top - used as bottom 

17" Byzance Jazz Thin Crash 

22" Byzance Vintage Pure Ride with a rivet 

18" Byzance Jazz Thin Crash 10" Byzance Vintage Splash (stack top) 

18" Byzance Trash Crash (stack bottom" 

22" Byzance Jazz China Ride 

Check out our Meinl Cymbals Official Product Video Channel with demos for each cymbal. "5 April" by Ewout Dercksen Drums Audio Recording & Mex: Sven Peks

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